Serbia’s Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic, called “a big lie” a news published by Radio Free Europe (RFE) that Belgrade has stopped its campaign against Kosovo’s independence.

“Serbia has not stopped the campaign on withdrawal of recognitions of Kosovo, and will never stop if all others do not stop with the campaign of recognition of the so-called Kosovo,” Dacic said in a rebuttal sent to RFE who referred to diplomatic sources in Brussels. Dacic said that after consulting Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic, it has concluded that this is “a big lie,” according to Belgrade-absed news agency Tanjug.

RFE published Thursday an article quoting anonymous sources within the EY saying that Serbia as sing of good will and aimed at creating an environment enabling resumption of the dialogue, agreed not to continue its campaign against Kosovo’s independence. A senior EU official dealing with the dialogue process said that Serbia’s campaign is “irritable issue,” RFE reported. “We should build a positive environment, and not irritate each-other,” an EU official said. According to RFE the EU expects Kosovo new Government take all measures which would enable resumption of dialogue in Brussels. /GazetaExpress/